Experiencing Chemotherapy

  • Preparation
  • Scheduling
  • Arrival
  • The setting
  • How chemotherapy is administered
  • Departure
  • Dosages


People can have a wide range of responses to chemotherapy, even if they’re receiving the same drug and dose. You don’t know for certain how you’ll respond, so it would be best to make sure you have certain supplies and assistance if you need them. Some of the drugs given for chemotherapy or to prevent side effects can cause drowsiness or affect concentration, for instance, or you might be sitting for many hours in a room that is overly warm or too cool.

My advice is to begin receiving treatment with an open mind and the attitude that you will have no side effects. You may not have any. I’ve been on 5-FU/ leucovorin for nine months so far, and I’ve not had any mouth sores. Chemotherapy is different for each patient, and sometimes each treatment is different.