Clinical trial search interface. Patient-Centered Guides is partnering with HopeLink to provide a searchable database of colon cancer clinical trials. The full press release is on our Press page.

Oncologist-therapist team Bill & Susie Buchholz, authors of Live Longer, Live Larger give tools to patients for thriving with cancer:

Defining Your Relationship with Cancer
Overcoming Fatigue
A Philosophy of Care for those facing life-threatening illness
Questions about Clinical Trials. This article discusses the importance of clinical trials; their structure, advantages and disadvantages; and how to research them.

If you are keeping up with all colon cancer research, ACOR (Association of Cancer Online Resources) now has asearch feature to scan the MedLine literature for recent additions in a particular disease type. For recent articles, it’s easier than searching MedLine because you don’t have to go in and set search limits/dates.