The recent disruption caused due toblock chain and with this, the evolution of crypto currencies paves the way to the next stage. This leads to the decentralized computer networks eligible to maintain contracts, agreements,and transactions in an encrypted manner. The rise of block chaincomputing would be Bitcoin, a digital currency or crypto currency.

Purchase of crypto currency

In the world of crypto, it makes us feel scary at the initial stage, but with the help of Coinbase, it is much easier to deal with crypto currency. Coinbase is a recommended crypto currency exchange. It is easy to use and it is packed with friendly features that make exchange easier. It is a crypto currency broker that trades many crypto currencies in exchange for the regular currency.

This popular crypto broker is friendly and makes our work so simple.

  1. Coinbase account creation: Basic details like name, e-mail address, contact number,and personal details are given. The verification takes time.
  2. Payment method: Once the verification is done, bank account details are given. Coinbase suggests the debit card details rather than credit card details. This process also takes 2-3 days for verification.
  3. Crypto currency purchase: Once the bank details are verified, it is time to buy crypto currencies.
  4. Crypto Currency sale: This step is similar to purchase step. Select the amount to sell, and your funds are deposited in the local currency wallet.
  5. Withdrawal from Coinbase: Once the fund is transferred to the local currency wallet, the entire amount can be withdrawn to the bank account. This step also takes around 5 days for the currency to appear in the local currency wallet.

Once the crypto currency is being purchased, look here to start your online trading. It is always too good to have detailed research before putting your legs into a crucial step of your life.

It is very important to choose the right platform to deal with the transaction of the purchased crypto currencies. The online trading platform should be able to handle more transactions per second and manage higher volumes. It should be able to sustain system crash, server issue,and other irregular behaviorsefficiently. The 3 main things to be kept in mind before choosing the platform are:

  • Market and Liquidity: The crypto market is volatile and should be up to date
  • Incorporation and Regulation: The market should be incorporated into crypto friendly countries. Regulation like KYC, AML should be followed.
  • Banking: A secure banking facility has to be provided.