This Center has been created especially for those with hydrocephalus and their families.

Treating Hydrocephalus: Part 1. This first of a two-part series looks at the primary means of treating hydrocephalus: the installation of shunt systems. There are articles on how they work, where they can be placed in the body, and how shunts are designed and tested. There is also an article on non-surgical treatments of hydrocephalus.

Coping with Hydrocephalus. This collection of articles looks at ways that families can cope with specific aspects of a diagnosis of hydrocephalus:Neurosurgery for infants and children,Starting a local support group, and Insurance claims and denials.

Getting the Diagnosis: Part 3. The last of a three-part series focuses on the affect on families of a diagnosis of hydrocephalus. In particular, its effect on siblings and on marriage, and how to inform your child of the diagnosis.

Getting the Diagnosis: Part 2. When the diagnosis is made, there is a wide array of possible responses: relief, shock, denial, sadness, anger, fear, and hope. This second of a three-part series focuses on emotional responses to the diagnosis.