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Transplantation: How it is Done. The several steps of transplantation are described in this article: Preparation for transplant, induction therapy to achieve a remission, harvest of marrow or stem cells, purging marrow or stem cells, consolidation (high-dose therapy), reinfusion of marrow, isolation, as well as follow-up and long-term effects.
Transplantation. There are many risks and benefits that need to be weighed before you decide to proceed with transplantation. This article focuses only on what kinds of transplants are possible and who gets them. It also looks at how to choose a transplant center, getting insurance approval, and becoming a donor.
Relapse. This article defines relapse and then describes who is likely to relapse, in what areas of the body relapse is most likely to occur, when it’s most likely, and why it occurs. It also includes a discussion of difficult emotional issues–different from those encountered at first diagnosis.
Prognoses. Almost everyone wants to know how serious their cancer is and what their prospects are for survival. There aren’t any simple answers. However, this article can give you an idea of factors that might influence your prognosis, a respect for the complexity of the topic, and an awareness of the dangers of predictions.