Researching NHL

How to obtain NCI’s information

The information on cancer amassed and maintained by the National Cancer Institute, a division of NIH, is the granddaddy of all cancer databases, and should be your starting point for learning the basics about NHL. It’s accurate and current. You can access this information in several ways.

By phone

You can call NCI at 1-800-4-CANCER and request that information on NHL be sent to you by mail free of charge. Remember that the information geared to physicians is much more useful and detailed than that written for patients. If you feel uncomfortable asking for physician information, you can give some justification or even make some up. For example, you could say that your doctor asked you to request this information. One patient said that he was writing a newspaper article that required in-depth material. You might want to ask as well for literature that describes all of the NCI publications that one might order, such as tracts that describe dealing with fatigue or depression.