Library Journal Reviews  Ovarian Cancer

Kristine Conner and Lauren Langford. Ovarian Cancer: Your Guide to Taking Control.
O’Reilly. (Patient-Centered Guides). 2003. c.600p. ISBN 0-596-50016-5. pap. $29.95

Ovarian cancer is one of the deadliest cancers because of its generally late diagnosis (the symptoms don’t really appear until the cancer has spread beyond the ovaries) and the lack of screening tests. Health writer Conner and Langford, an ovarian cancer survivor, have written a great patient education book for the recently diagnosed.

Sections cover finding a doctor, getting a second opinion, reading your own diagnosis, and dealing with everything from health insurance to end-of-life issues. Particularly nice are the lists of actual questions to ask your doctor and “10 things to do now” once you’ve been diagnosed. Perhaps a little too detailed for many lay readers, this work will nevertheless fulfill the needs of someone seeking all the information possible on the disease.

While many general cancer books mention ovarian cancer, few focus on it exclusively, so most libraries will want to add this to their collection. Recommended for public and