Mario and Oralia Tercero Come to America and Discover a Health Library

The translation team for Ayudando a su Hijo en el Hospital (the English title Your Child in the Hospital) is Mario and Oralia Tercero, working with staff from the PlaneTree Health Library in San Jose, California. The Tercero’s personal search for health information precipitated their move to the United States and eventually brought them to PlaneTree Health Library.

Mario was born in Honduras. When he was young, he had only rudimentary English in school, such as words like “cat” or “table.” However, from 1985 to 1995, Mario lived in San Jose with relatives there. He attended high school and took ESL classes. Thus, his first “translation” work was getting through high school in the US.

Mario returned to Honduras when his mother became ill; as the only unmarried child, it was his family duty. While studying Industrial Engineering at university, he met Oralia. They studied together every night until midnight.